Our Officer Team

Meet Out Officer Team!

-Leaders' Council- 

Chapter President- McKenzie Wilson

Hey there! On behalf of my lovely sisters, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you! It is my honor to serve AOII as Alpha Chi's Chapter President for the 2016-2017 year along with our amazing leader's.
I was born in raised in Franklin, KY which is known for two things: the drive-in and baby burgers from Frosty Freeze. It's the small town atmosphere I was brought up in that I owe my love for football, sunsets, and the one thing I could never live without; homemade ice cream. At WKU, I am a Senior double majoring in Health Care Administration and Communication Studies with the intention of one day becoming the Director of Communications at a hospital. 
As the the object of our fraternity states, college loyalty is one of the tenets for which we strive to achieve. It's no mystery that WKU holds a special place in my heart. Along with serving my chapter, I play an active role on campus as a Spirit Master for the University. If I'm not busy, I like to spend time with my sisters, and in my favorite place on campus! On a warm night during the school year, you'll often find me on the top steps just outside VanMeter Hall, nursing a cup of Jamocha Icecream with some of my favorite peeps. The scenery is truly breathtaking!
Vice President of Administration- Sarah Moody 

Hayyyy y'all, I'm Sarah! I was born and raised in a little town called Franklin, Kentucky (AKA Frankvegas) - home of The Frosty Freeze, Spray Paint Road, the Franklin-Simpson Wildcats and a whole lot of corn fields. I'm an Elementary Education major here at WKU, and I cant wait to have my own classroom of kiddos in just a year! 

A few fun facts about me, although I wouldn't call them "fun," are I've had the same job since I was 14 years old working at the Franklin Country Club, I double as a dance teacher and a swim coach, and I firmly believe a good nap can fix any bad day. AOII has blessed me in more ways than I could count, but the biggest blessing of them all are the friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I wouldn't be who I am today without my sisters and the amazing three letter bond that we share.

Vice President of Academic Development - Makayle Botts

Heya sista, sistas! My name is Makayle Botts, and I am Junior majoring in Public Relations. I was born and raised in the small town of Glasgow, Kentucky.. but I just prefer to call it "GlasVegas" (Punny, i know). Currently, I am serving as Alpha Chi's Vice President of Academic Development! I love AOII with all my heart.. mainly because my sisters accept my aspiration to become a famous drummer, obsession with Frank Sinatra, and love for anything and everything chocolate. I am so excited/humbled/blessed to serve this organization, and I can't wait to see where this wonderful adventure will take me in the future!

Vice President of Chapter Development- Grace Johnson
Hello! My name is Grace Johnson and I am honored to be Alpha Chi's Vice President of Chapter Development. I’m from the small town of Mount Sterling in Eastern Kentucky. In addition to stirring up all the Sisterly feels, I'm also an avid dog lover and resident biology nerd. I've never met a dog I didn't try to pet, or a microorganism I didn't try to study. If you didn't guess, I am a biology major with no idea what she wants to do (but that's ok!!!) except follow her passion for science wherever it may lead.
I love AOII because, even though I'm 3 hours from my hometown, I feel like I have found a true home. There's always a sister ready to share a meal, study, scream-sing 2000s hits, or help you clean your room. AOII has put a support system of amazing people in my life that I never knew I needed. 
Vice President of Communications- Kenzie Moore
Greetings! My name is Kenzie Moore and I'm the Vice President of Communications for Alpha Chi. I fell in love with AOII during recruitment and it means a lot to me that my sisters trust me with an office position. I love being in charge of our social media accounts and putting together the recruitment video. 
Some fun facts about me are that I live on a dairy farm, I love to golf, and you can puersuade me with anything chocolate chip cookie dough. I am probably the only person to wake up at 6am for gameday but TOPS on TOP ya feel? 
Vice President of Education- Megan DeVore

Hey y'all! My name is Megan DeVore, and I am so excited to be serving as Alpha Chi's Vice President of Education! I'm from Bowling Green, KY and have known for as long as I can remember that WKU was the perfect college for me. I am majoring in Communication Disorders with a minor in Healthcare Administration and hope to pursue a career in speech-language pathology. I am an only child and the only grandchild in my family, so the 140+ sisters that I gained on Bid Day are some of the greatest blessings in my life. 

Fun Facts: I named my first dog Clifford after Clifford the Big Red Dog, and I know every word to nearly every George Straight song. I also own an alarming number of t-shirt, but I van't bring myself to get rid of a single one (and by alarming I mean two dresser drawers and one third of my closet are full of nothing but t-shirts.) A few of my favorite things include: Myrtle Beach, kayaking, chocolate, country music, tacos from Izzi's, naps, red cowgirl boots, WKU, and AOII (obviously)! Stand Up and Cheer, Roll Tops, and ALAM!

Vice President of Membersip Recruitment- Lindsay Crocket

Hello, friends! My name is Lindsay and I am from White House, Tennessee. I am nursing major who loves to watch Grey's Anatomy and eat Ben & Jerry's. AOII is such a diverse group of women, and that's why I love it so much.

I always have a sister who is there to study with me for exams, someone to run my laptop charger to the lib when I'm pulling an all-nighter & forgot it, and someone who always will be up for an ice cream run. When your going through the hardest points in your life, and never think you can get through it, you will find a sis who is there to pick you back up and make you feel loved.

I currently serve as Vice President of Sorority Recruitment! Eat, sleep, recruitment has been my life the past several months. I can't wait to see all the hard work our whole chapter has put forth for this years recruitment. Thanks for reading & go tops!

Vice President of Standards- Cassidy Rosilio 
Chapter Treasurer- Hannah Lindsay 

Hi! I'm Hannah, VP of Finance! I'm a junior financial planning major from the beautiful Bowling Green, KY. I love AOII because it has blessed me with many of my favorite memories, best friends, and life lessons.

Fun facts: My motto is "Go big or go home". My favorite things are Diet Coke, loud music, horoscopes, sunny days outside, my grandma, sitcoms, Kroger, and gummy bears. I teach water aerobics at Preston and in high school I was the math club president. I pride myself in being relentlessly positive and surprisingly good at deadlifts. Some people (Kenzie) will tell you my name is Hannah Carrot but you can just call me Hannah :)

New Member Educator- Sarah Claire Davis

Panhellenic Delegate- Hannah Wood

Hey y'all! My name is Hannah Wood and I am so excited to be AOlls Panhellenic delegate! I am a senior here at WKU majoring in social work! I'm from Lexington KY, a huge U.K. Fan (GO CATS), I love to golf, shop and I am a Rodan and Fields consultant! I love being apart of this sorority and am proud to have so many incredible sisters! AOll has been such a blessing to me in my college career and I am proud to wear these letters! ALAM

Recording Secretary- Katie Skeens

Intramurals- Caroline Perkins

Philanthropy Chairman- Bailey Jordan

Hi guys! My name is Bailey Jordan and I am Alpha Chi’s Philanthropic Chairman! I am an Art major with a double minor in Business Administration and Marketing and I am from right here in the good ol BG. I enjoy long walks on the beach and my favorite hobbies are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I love AOII because it has brought me so many close friends and has taught me how to be the best me! ALAM

Keeper of the Ritual- Kristin Stockdale

Hey everyone! My name is Kristin, and I'm a senior Biology major going to Physician Assistant school (hopefully) post graduation in December! I'm from Nashville, TN, but neither have an accent nor actually like country music that much. I love AOII ritual with all of my heart and am so excited to share it with our new members!

Fun facts about me:

I have backpacked over 200 miles of the Appalachian trail and loved every bit.

I have a husky-pit puppy named Grizzly who is my best friend.

I hope to someday move to Arizona and hike to Grand Canyon in one day.

Social Chairman- Katie Gomber

Activities Chairman- Cierra Johnson

"Hey y'all! C.J's the name Activities is my game! I was born and raised in Logan County, KY so I've seen a lot of corn and lifted diesels in my lifetime! This is my second year on the hill (and boy is it a steep hill!) I am an architectural science major so I'm one of 5 girls in a class of 80 people 95% of the time! It's crazy but I'm so excited to be in the hot sun wearing steel-toed boots and jeans looking at what I've just designed!

Fun fact about me: I'd eat pizza every day of my life if I could!

I'll probably adopt 50 dogs by the time I'm 30 because why not!

Alpha Omicron Pi has given me so many amazing opportunities and I hope I can encourage others to be the best woman they can be!"


Points Chairman- Taylor Butts

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Cadiz, KY

Alumnae Relations- Lauren Elliot 

Major: Interdisciplinary studies 

Hometown: Bowling Green, KY

Historian- Allison Lewis

Major: Fashion Merchandising 

Hometown: Owensboro, KY

Assistant Treasurer- Claire Storms

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Corbin, Kentucky

Corresponding Secretary- Ashley Robinson 

Marketing Chairman- Emmory Shipley

Major: Advertising

Hometown: Glascow, Kentucky

Assistant VP of Membership Recruitment- Shelby Dewig

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Hometown: Evansville, Indiana

Property Manager- Payton Brown

Major: Special Ed/Elementary Education

Hometown: Bardstown, Kentucky

Assistant to Philanthrop- Kaylee Searcy

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Bowling Green, Ky

To Dragma Reporter- Kenzie Moore

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Butler, Kentucky

T-shirt Chairman- Alison Lewis

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Hometown: Owensboro, Kentucky